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At Maplewood Canadian International School, we endeavor to provide you with an excellent experience in all departments. Please find the necessary forms and helpful information below.

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Our fees

Convenient Structured Payments at MCIS

Below you may find the breakdown of the Tuition Fees at Maplewood Canadian International School

Total Tuition Fees
Books & Digital Resources
*Refer to Nursery Registration
*Refer to Nursery Registration
AED 30,000
AED 500
AED 31,000
AED 500
Grade 1
AED 32,000
AED 1000
Grade 2
AED 33,000
AED 1000
Grade 3
AED 34,000
AED 850
Grade 4
AED 35,000
AED 850
Grade 5
AED 36,000
AED 850
Grade 6
AED 37,000
AED 850
Grade 7
AED 38,000
AED 900
Grade 8
AED 39,000
AED 900
Grade 9
AED 41,000
AED 900
Grade 10
AED 42,000
AED 1,500
Grade 11
AED 43,000
AED 1,500
Grade 12 *
AED 46,000
AED 1,500

*Nursery Registration: 

*Maplebear Nursery accepts students starting from the age of 3 months. For more information please contact 050 640 9971 or send us an email

On Entry Registration (payable prior to entry):

*Registration Fee AED. 1,000 (Non-Refundable and included as part of the total tuition fee).

Conditions to be met by the school:         

* Term fees are to be paid in advance. Resources include: select textbooks, digital licenses, digital devices (Grade 1 and 2), notebooks, misc and printing/photocopying etc.

* Maplewood School use google chrome books for Education and are provided to students from Grades 2‐12.

* Students are NOT required to purchase a new chromebook each year ‐ but must have a working chromebook for Grades 2‐12.

Corporate Discount: 

*We are pleased to offer a corporate discount to selected partnered entities. For more information please contact 


How to Apply for Enrollments at MCIS?

Interested in enrolling your child at Maplewood Canadian International School? Please read the information below.

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  • A candidate can apply for admissions through the online admission portal.
  • Applicants are encouraged to read the information carefully before applying online.
  • Click Here to start the registration process  
  • A page will appear asking for your child information please fill out the form and our admissions team will contact you to guide through the next steps. 
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