Alberta Curriculum (Canadian) Education and Assessment

Maplewood Canadian International School (MCIS) follows the Alberta Curriculum (Canadian) Education for KG1 to Grade 12 level. Our Canadian-certified teachers are able to ensure high standards of learning along with outstanding student results on international tests that include TIMSS and PISA.

Students at MCIS are recognized as Alberta students and receive a personal identification number from Alberta while being registered with both Alberta Education and with the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK).

As one of the top Alberta Accredited International Schools in Abu Dhabi, we believe that the effective study of data can be utilized to assess the growth of our students and improve programming. A variety of strategies are used to collect data for this purpose.

Alberta Curriculum


Alberta Curriculum Education

Assessment and Grading

Beyond offering the world-renowned Alberta Education (Canadian) Curriculum, MCIS also provides our students with inclusive and engaging learning experiences in Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, Moral Education, and UAE Social Studies as required by the ADEK. Instruction My Identity Programs are provided for all grades to help strengthen our students’ sense of belonging to the UAE. What’s more, our students are also provided with all the other required studies across academic subjects including Mathematics, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Career and Technology Studies, and Fine and Practicing Arts as prescribed by the Alberta Education (Canadian) Curriculum.

Measure of Academic Progress (MAP)

Measure of Academic Progress (MAP)

As a computerized adaptive assessment aligned to the Alberta Education (Canadian) Curriculum, MAP is used to provide Maplewood Canadian International School teachers and parents with all the required information to enhance teaching and learning. These scores help teachers to make informed, student-centric and data-driven decisions in and outside of the classroom.

Students in grades 1 to 9 are tested twice a year within their mathematical, reading and language usage. These assessments are conducted biannually in the months of October and May. Our Canadian international school uses the data collected from MAP to develop targeted instructional strategies and aids the planning of school development. We are committed to helping all students perform at their best, which helps to provide the most valuable insights. It’s worth mentioning that this test is not utilized in computing student grades.

Student Learning Assessments (SLAs)

Student Learning Assessments (SLAs)

SLAs are digital assessments administered at the start of the Grade 3 academic year. SLAs assess the outcomes pertaining to literacy and numeracy in language arts and mathematics, as can be found in Alberta’s current Grade 2 Program of Studies. The purpose of SLAs are to help parents and teachers identify student strengths while also analyzing potential areas of growth and opportunity.

Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs)

Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs)

PATs are administered on an annual basis to all students studying in the Alberta Canadian program. PATs are administered to students in grades 6 and 9. These standardized tests reflect the fundamental elements which all students are expected to achieve. PATs assist in determining whether students are learning what they are expected to learn while also assisting Maplewood Canadian International School with monitoring and improving student learning.

Grade 12 Diploma Exams (DIPs)

Grade 12 Diploma Exams (DIPs)

DIPs are generally written at the end of Semester One in January, and Semester Two in the month of June. Student grades achieved on the written assessment are blended with the teacher-awarded grades to provide a final course mark. It is compulsory for graduating students to write the Diploma Exams in Social Studies 30 - 1 or 30 - 2, and English 30 - 1 or 30 - 2.

Diploma Exams are also available to be taken for the following elective courses:

  • Biology 30
  • Chemistry 30
  • Mathematics 30–1
  • Mathematics 30–2
  • Physics 30
  • Science 30
ACER IBT Arabic/Islamic Assessments (IBT)

ACER IBT Arabic/ Islamic Assessments (IBT)

The IBT is a standardized assessment that highlights the skills and abilities of your child. IBT assessments are designed to measure skills and concepts underlying the core subjects, and build on higher-order thinking skills associated with these domains. Students require no prior preparation to take the IBT assessments. Tests are to be taken independently and within the stipulated time frame, and are set within a quiet “exam environment” in order for them to provide an accurate reflection of your child’s abilities, strengths and areas of improvement. Please ensure that your child does not have his or her mobile phone or any other electronic device while completing the test.

Maplewood Canadian School Alumni Graduation

Alberta High School Diploma: Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate with an Alberta High School Diploma, students will need to meet the minimum requirements. The requirements for entry into post-secondary institutions and workplaces may require additional and/or specific courses. Download the PDF to view the minimum requirements for obtaining an Alberta High School Diploma.

Maplewood Canadian School Digital Education

Our Approach to a Digital Education

  • 01.MCIS was awarded the highest commendation in the region for the innovative ways in which we support student learning through technology. Students at MCIS use laptops to support their learning, with a major focus of our efforts being dedicated to ensuring digital awareness and safety at all times. When we made the shift to an Online Learning model due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our students and staff enjoyed a smooth and effective transition. ADEK ranked MCIS at the top for the smooth transition in the wake of this challenging time.
  • 02.Our students in grades 3 to 12 have their own dedicated device to support learning, while younger students use technology within the classroom as part of their daily lessons. MCIS is fully equipped with either interactive whiteboards or digital screens in all instructional spaces. Our reliable high-speed WiFi is also available throughout the entire facility. Mastering the use of the internet is a requirement, while the technical skills of our students help support them in problem solving through research- and project-based learning as common modes of instruction within our school environment.
Maplewood Canadian School Swimming Program

Physical Education

We are proud to offer a comprehensive Athletics Program at our school that provides our students with opportunities to participate in a range of sports and develop their physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship skills.

Our Athletics Program currently includes U19 and U15 football, U19 and U15 basketball, and badminton, and we are excited to announce that next year we will be expanding our program to include volleyball, rugby, and swimming.

In addition to team sports, our Athletics Program also includes badminton, a popular individual sport that challenges our students' agility, speed, and accuracy. Next year, we will be adding volleyball, a dynamic team sport that requires quick reflexes and strong communication skills. We will also be introducing rugby, a contact sport that requires strength, endurance, and strategic thinking, as well as swimming, a low-impact sport that promotes cardiovascular fitness and full-body strength.

Maplewood Canadian School KG Classroom

Fine Arts and Performing Arts

Fine Arts Program for grades KG1 to Grade 6

The Fine Arts form part of the required program of studies that encompass visual art, drama and music at elementary level. Throughout the grades, we offer an articulated Fine Arts program that engages students in roles as creators, performers, historians, critics and consumers. This program enables students to enhance the depth and breadth of their expression and intuitive response to fine art.

You can learn more about the specific outcomes for Art at each grade level below.

Maplewood Canadian School Inclusive Education

Drama (Secondary School)

Philosophy for Drama Education

Drama acts as an art form and a medium for teaching and learning. It develops the whole person—emotionally, physically, intellectually, imaginatively, aesthetically and socially—by giving form and meaning to experience through “acting out.” It also nurtures positive group interaction as students learn to compromise in the pursuit of shared goals. Dramatic growth aligns with the natural development of the student. This growth is nurtured in an atmosphere that is non-competitive, cooperative, supportive, joyful yet challenging.

The overall goal of drama is to foster a positive self-concept in students by encouraging them to explore life by the assumption of roles and by the acquisition of dramatic skills. The imaginative exploration involves setting up a dramatic situation, thus “acting out” that situation, communicating within that situation and reflecting on the consequences. This reflection provides the knowledge for self-development. As students progress through the dramatic forms of expression at the secondary level, greater emphasis is placed upon the development of the individual as a creator, performer, historian, critic and patron. Here, the self-development and socialization processes of the student are extended by developing an appreciation of theater as a traditional art form.

Maplewood Canadian School Powerschool System

Introducing Powerschool

MCIS is undergoing a transition to implement Powerschool, an effective platform utilized in thousands of schools including many in the Province of Alberta, Canada. This new student information system will give parents and students access to even more information. As we work towards our target for implementation, parents and students will be introduced to the platform following the implementation plan.

Maplewood Canadian School Higher Education in Canada

Your Child’s Future in Canada

MCIS is committed to providing your child with a 21st-century global education that prepares him or her for future success, including the opportunity to pursue higher education in Canada. Canada is recognized worldwide for its outstanding education system, with many of its universities ranking among the best in the world. MCIS offers a rigorous academic program that aligns with the Alberta Education (Canadian Curriculum), providing students with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in their post-secondary education abroad.

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